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Concierge medicine combines elements of hospitality, technology, and healthcare. While some may view it as an exclusive service for the elite, at DiscoverU Health, we believe in making this high-quality service accessible to all. It serves as an affordable alternative to traditional primary care models, offering benefits like a reduced patient load, increased availability, personalized attention to members, next-day or same-week appointments, and a tailored healthcare experience.

The cost of concierge medicine varies depending on your location and the specific practice you choose. On average, membership fees and monthly expenses can range from $1,200 to $10,000 annually. At DiscoverU Health, our services are designed to be affordable and accessible without any hidden fees. We provide care to both insured and uninsured individuals at a fraction of the typical cost. To learn more about our membership plans and pricing, please refer to our membership details.

We are committed to providing our members with the highest quality healthcare services, and your support is instrumental in fulfilling this mission. Membership fees enable us to collaborate with individuals who are committed to investing in their healthcare and appreciate the value of a personalized healthcare experience. Through these fees, we can offer customized virtual and concierge home visits at no extra charge. The fee encompasses administrative and clinical costs, technology, and necessary equipment expenses.

No, there is no enrollment fee. Our onboarding process includes straightforward digital enrollment, a new member orientation, and an appointment with our membership manager at no additional cost. If you are enrolling your business, we will gather your employee details and facilitate the registration of all your employees, along with providing private staff orientation.

Great! We collaborate with insurance brokers to provide health plans for individuals like you. We'll gladly make that referral.

Our concierge memberships have a standard duration of 12 months, and members have the option to renew their plan at the end of the 12-month period.

We are dedicated to delivering high-quality care to all, irrespective of insurance status. We extend our services to both insured and uninsured individuals. If you're in-network, you can simply enhance your coverage with our services for a one-time annual fee. For those who are out of network or uninsured, we offer a variety of pricing options, whether it be a one-time annual fee or a monthly subscription, to ensure you have access to the care you desire and require.

We currently accept several commercial health insurance plans, including Blue Cross Blue Shield - CareFirst, United Healthcare, Aetna, and Medicare. If you are part of our network and have an active insurance plan, we can offer services through your insurance coverage.

If you are out of network, we recommend reaching out to your insurance provider to inquire about possible reimbursement for services. Additionally, we are continuously expanding our network of insurance partners, so please check back for updates. If you are currently uninsured, we offer private health plans through DiscoverU Health.

Yes, co-pays or co-insurance fees are necessary and will be determined by your insurance payer. We offer a variety of healthcare services, and we will handle billing your insurance while documenting the services provided.

Our Philosophy and DiscoverU Cares

DiscoverU Health's leadership philosophy is founded on a combination of transformational and servant leadership principles. Our primary objective in every interaction is to ensure that you experience genuine care. Our dedicated care team is unwavering in their commitment to serve you with kindness, patience, compassion, and unwavering integrity. Above all, we are dedicated to empowering you with the necessary tools to facilitate transformative change in your life.


We serve adults in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Northern Virginia. To find out which counties and cities we serve in your specific area, please view our location sections.


We are committed to crafting a personalized healthcare experience through our concierge medicine approach. Our members have the unique opportunity to shape their healthcare plan, gaining access to a comprehensive range of healthcare options, including integrative, alternative, holistic, and western medicine.

DiscoverU Health's methodology is designed with you at the core. We are committed to crafting a personalized healthcare experience through our concierge medicine approach. Our members have the unique opportunity to shape their healthcare plan, gaining access to a comprehensive range of healthcare options, including integrative, alternative, holistic, and western medicine.


Absolutely! We hold diversity, equity, and inclusion, including cultural competency, in high regard. Our board-certified providers bring a wealth of diverse backgrounds, specialties, and experiences to ensure inclusivity.".    


We are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. If there are ways we can further enhance your experience, please do not hesitate to share your feedback with us. We value your input.


However, we understand that our services may not always align with your needs. If you decide to discontinue your membership, we kindly request a 90-day cancellation notice. This allows us to effectively complete all necessary administrative and clinical activities on your behalf, ensuring a smooth transition.

We have a strong commitment to supporting small businesses, and our services are custom-tailored to empower small businesses with ambitious goals. To register for our services, small businesses must have a minimum of 10 employees.

DiscoverU Cares encompasses our specialized services for individuals aged 65 and older. We firmly believe that older adults deserve the highest quality of care. Our offerings for this demographic include primary care, in-home visits, home care, skilled nursing, assistance with finding suitable assisted living arrangements, and expert care coordination. For a comprehensive list of our services tailored to those aged 65 and above, please explore the 'Over 65' tab on our website.


Home care is ideal for older adults who need support with activities of daily living, people who are chronically ill, recovering from surgery, or have a disability. We help them age in place offering assistance with meal planning and preparation, light housekeeping, laundry, errands, medication reminders, and escorting to appointments.  Companionship and engaging in hobbies and activities. Supervision for someone with dementia or Alzheimer's disease.


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Accessible, affordable, and convenient healthcare

Accessible, convenient, and affordable healthcare. Culturally competent and expert providers with every visit. Unlimited visits. No copays or deductibles.